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VOCA IP Camera

Setup StageInstall App, Connecting IP Cam, Wifi Setup

Please make sure that you have connected to the power in the IP Cam.
If needed, please reset the IP Cam by pressing the reset button located at the bottom or at the back. 

You may refer to the youtube tutorial video: https://youtu.be/iSlESNcQxBE?list=PL0DOoPrryq9kGzCl4aK6KoKmNWwd6_HGX
Please delete the device from the device list, and add it by Smart Link again. 

To delete the device from the list:
iOS App: swipe the device’s name to the left. 
Android App: press the device’s name until the “Cancel” pop-up window shows up. 
Please make sure your smart phone WIFI enabled and joined the proper wireless  network
1. Please make sure that you have entered the correct wifi password. 

2. Currently some routers can provide dual frequencies, 2.4 and 5Ghz. Since our product support only 2.4Ghz at this stage. Please make sure network frequency is 2.4GHz.

Basic FunctionMemory card recording, Live view operations

Please make sure that you have used different username to log in to the App. 
Each IP Cam supports up to 5 mobile phones to access live view simutaneously. 
Please go to Date Time & Media Settings to change volume
In 32GB memory card, you can record up to around 14 days of video (continuous recording). 
Please check storage info to see SD capacity is non-zero. If your memory card is a new one, please format the card. 
There are 2 types of recording in VOCA IP Cam. 

If you record the video by pressing the “record” button at live view screen, the videos are stored under “Images” tab in the App.

Other videos (including Manual recording, Alarm Recording and Scheduled Recording in Record Setting) are stored in TF memory card. You can find the videos by clicking the device name, and clicking “Playback”. 

Advanced Function Alarm

Only 1 email address can be setup for each camera. 
First, please make sure that you allow notification in your mobile setting. (In “Setting”, find “VOCA” App, inside “Notification”, turn on “Allow Notification”). 

Second, the alert message will only pop-up when the App is running.
Please make sure that you have configured the Gmail account to allow the App to access the account. 

Click “Turn on” here. 

After changing the configuration in Gmail account, you may need to unbind the email address and do the binding again. 


- Menu》Tools》Human Voice》Off
- Menu》Tools》Human Voice》Intelligent call alert》Off
Menu》Settings》Phone Settings》LED Mode》Incoming SMS Mode》Off
- Menu》Settings》Tone Settings》General 》 Options》Customize》
- Menu》SOS Setting》SOS Mode Setting 》Off
- Menu》Settings》Phone Settings》Display》Sub LCD Clock type
- Menu》Settings》Phone Settings》Time and date


- Menu》Ringtone》Intelligent call alert 》Off
- Menu》Ringtone》Keypad 》Silent
- Menu》Settings》SOS Settings》 SOS alarm On


Machine ResetHow to erase telephone numbers recorded previously?

Menu》Settings》Call center》Call history》Delete call logs》All calls
Menu》Phonebook》Options》Phonebook settings》Delete all contacts

Machine Back to Default SettingChange EG520 back to factory default setting

Menu》Settings》Restore settings》1122

Handset cannot be heardI cannot hear from my EG520

Earpiece volume is turned off . Volume can only be adjusted during a phone call


Basic FunctionSetting

- Menu》Tools》Human Voice》Off
- Menu》Settings》Tone Settings》General 》 Options》Customize》
- Menu》Settings》Phone Settings》Display》Sub LCD Clock type
- Menu》Settings》Phone Settings》Time and date

Machine resetMachine reset

Basic FunctionBasic Function

3G connectivity3G connectivity

Does your SIM card support 3G ?
3G SIM card should be placed at the right slot, which marked G&W

TF card sizeTF card size

Charging CradleCharging Cradle not charging

1. Please clean up the two charging contact points at the buttom of the cell phone 
2. Wait 30 seconds for the cell phone to display charging signal when you place the cell phone in charging cradle

Photo Phone BookHow to use photo phone book


SwitchBot Google Assistant SetupSwitchBot Google Assistant Setup

Open Google Home> Press the "+" > Press "Set up device" >Press "Works with Google" > Type "Switchbot Smart" in the search bar, and then search> Link SwitchBot account with user name and password