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SwitchBot (the Bot) lets you retrofit all existing appliances or light switches in your home, instead of replacing them. It mechanically turns rocker switch or button ON/OFF.  

To build a smart home, there's no need to drill holes or buy new smart appliances. With SwitchBot, all your existing home appliances will become "smart"

Hub Mini

★ Easy to setup -  With "Smart learning" mode, it can mimic your existing remote control in 5s.  (*SwitchBot Hub Mini only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.)

★ One for all - Pair your air conditioner, TV, and other infrared appliances to the Hub Mini. All devices in ONE App.

★  First step of a smart home - It lets you connect all SwitchBot devices and home appliances to the Internet. 

★ Voice control - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT. 

★ Save energy and save money - Wondering if you have turned off the bedroom AC or not? Just turn it off in SwitchBot App or set a helpful scene


* Set-up in seconds and place it anywhere - Add the Meter to SwitchBot App in seconds. With the magnetic back and 3M metal plate, you can place it anywhere.

* Always accurate - The Swiss-made sensor monitors the environment reliably and 24/7. Manage the temperature and humidity in the most accurate way.

*Keep tracks - The Meter maintains the most recent 36 days of data while you are away. With SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini (only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi), unlimited data could be stored on the SwitchBot cloud. You could export all the data you care about.

* Be promptly alerted - Set a desired condition and relax. The Meter alerts when you are near via Bluetooth. With SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini, you can be alerted from anywhere through the Internet.

* Even better with home automation - With the SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini, the Meter works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, IFTTT for home automation. For example, turn ON/OFF air conditioner for your desired condition.