Technology for People

Yellow Duck Battery Operated Water Thermometer

- When the water temperature exceeds 39°C, the red light flashes to warn that the appropriate bathing temperature for babies has been exceeded
- Below 32°C: COLD
- Above 39°C: HOT
- Only 1 CR2032 dry battery required
- Cute duck shape, very attractive to the baby's eye
- Easy to read temperature display
- Material: PVC, ABS resin, acrylic

*Do not use for purposes other than those for which the product was designed.
*There may be color difference between the product picture and the actual product.
*Please store in a cool, well-ventilated place away from high heat and direct sunlight.
*Please accompany children to avoid accidents.

OX-102 Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

-Check body condition and measure blood oxygen percentage
-Easy to operate and provides alarm function
-Compact and easy to carry
-Switchable pulse waveform modes (2 types)
-Last measurement displayed

Dimensions: W60 x D34 x H33mm
Weight: approx. 25g
Measurement range: SpO2: 35% to 99%
Measurement accuracy SpO2:70%~99%:±2%
Pulse rate: 30bpm~100bpm ±2bpm; 100bpm~250bpm ±2%
Determination method: 2 wavelength absorbance method

JY-100 Mini Dehumidifier

-Space saving dehumidifier
-Compact and silent design
-Operation sound: less than 35dB
-ON/OFF one-touch operation
-LED color: Green(During operation), Red flash(Full water)
-Translucent tank (tank capacity: 450ml)

BM-202 Blood Pressure Monitor

-Can be used by two people with the user switching function
-Memorize the measurement results of two people (2 people x 60 times)
-Display the blood pressure level by 6 steps
-Displays the average of the last three times
-Easy-to-read large screen(80×59mm)
-Remaining battery information
-Date and time display

BS-246WT Body Scale Body Fat Scale

-Lightweight body approx. 700g
-Muscle measurement function
-Body water ratio measurement
-Basic metabolism measurement
-Determination of visceral fat level
-Can be measured standing up only
-Weight range: 15 to 180 kg
-Body size: 28*24.5*2.6cm

BS-247 "Kuravell +" Body Fat Scale

-Displays the difference of the body fat and the target weight automatically
-Power on just by riding on the platform
-Can be used for daily health care by checking the change of body weight everyday
-Body weight, body fat, BMI, target weight
-Auto power off function to save battery life

Product size  W280×D245×H24mm
Product weight  1,500g
Battery  AAA battery 4pcs
Minimum display  15.0〜100.0kgLess:0.1kg
Weighing range  15.0〜180.0kg
BMI  1.0〜150.0
Body fat percentage  5.0〜80.0% (0.1% unit)
Gender  Men / Women
Age  10〜90 years old
Height  100〜200cm (1cm unit)
Personal data number  P1〜P5
Target weight  20.0〜180.0kg

Wrist Blood Pressure Meter BM-105WT

-Memorize the measurement results (2 people x 99 times)

-Large characters ※compared to our conventional products

-Uses easy-to-recognize button colors

-Display the blood pressure level by 6 steps

-Pulse detection function, irregular pulse wave detection function, body motion detection function

-Compact and easy to carry

Spoon Scale Kitchen Scale PS-032

-Measuring range: 0.3-100g
-Switchable to (ML) for measuring liquids (max: 300ml)
-Removable spoon for easy cleaning
-Suitable for measuring children's food, medication, supplements, pet food

Comes with 2 spare spoons 

Product size: W221×D26×H65mm (When wearing a large spoon)

Product weight: 58g 

Battery Lithium battery: CR2032 1pc 

Minimum unit :0.3~100g:0.1g
                   : 100~300g:0.5g

Time necessary for stabilization: 3sec

Measurable range: 0.3~300g

Auto power off: 4min