Technology for People

Mobile App Development


The ubiquitous of smart phone is creating a lot of new opportunities and challenges for today’s business. Our team is experienced in building mobile app for major platforms such as iOS, Andriod, Blackberry and Windows. We will provide one-stop solution and services, starting from the conceive of the theme to the launch in app store.

Solutions for everyone

- Digital catalog
- Bar codes and QR Codes
- Location Based Services
- Augmented Reality
- Electronic books
- Games
- Electronic Commerce

Key objective - Your satisfaction

- Your app should have a gorgeous user interface and user friendly design

- It will utilize the least resources on mobile phone while providing the highest stability

- Before putting on app store,it will be tested thoroughly

- Updated versions of your app will be released as soon as possible to address end user feed back

Web Site Development

Web site is not new. But it’s getting more important due to the blooming of e-commerce in major countries. A well-designed and well-connected web site will help you gain new business, acquire new customers and retain old customers.

The services we provided :

- Web site design and development
- Search Engine Optimization
- E-commerce site development with shopping cart and payment gateway
- Online database design and development
- Integration with mobile apps and social media sites

Social Media

More and more businesses are making good use of social media in viral marketing, which helps promote product/service by word-of-mouth. According to various investigations, social media has become the second time consuming application, next to email, for most smart phone users. How to promote your business in the continuing evolving social media is a big challenge. We have experienced staff who can help you reap the benefits of social media quickly.

The services we provided :

- Marketing on Facebook and Google
- Blog publishing
- Weibo promoting
- Forum marketing